eyemocean, a self-published chapbook

"The Waiting Room,” in Scalawag Magazine

“Woman with Death on Her Mind,” in Apogee Issue 11

“what of smoke?” in Femmescapes Vol. 4

“Glamour” in The Felt Issue 3

“Free Bresha, Free Us” in Fanzine

“Sestina” in Anj

"Leaving it Behind" in Here, Where I Am

Sunshine @ Midnight, self-published


In a dream, you could do that. Hug someone you haven’t seen in years without crying. You could feel like you still lived in your old bedroom. You could go back to before like nothing, like magic, like the reverse of water down the drain.

I wish I could have said what I wanted to then but I was trying to hold back the wind from my cheeks. The minute stretches long then time splits me into colors. Suspended in time, we spin leaves before they hit the ground. Let’s dance in front of the garage! Let's catch the frogs and the leaves and the neighbor’s dog called Muffin. He sings in the yard to the cat called Cookie to come on home in a low melodic tone.

Time ain’t nothing anyway, just dirt ojjjn the rug. You can brush it out of the way with an eyelash, out of the way with a word. You can visit me somewhere impossible and grand but I’ll look for you in the dining room, at the cherrywood table, Sunday at three. You know which chair, behind the hedges. I’ll leave the garden light on for you. I’ll wait as long as I need to. The land demands us as we were. Innocent, loving, magnolia petal soft, pine pungent. Resilient like air.

New Year Meditation

New Year on our heels, last few days of 2019
warmer than it should be
light breeze like the tail end of fall or the beginning of
the food is hot and our hearts are warm and beating
trees are still and cold, lights blinking
pay attention because this moment is fleeting

New Year on our heels
the calendar moves forward and it before it gets
It will definitely get colder
like this time last year I look back and I wonder how I got
the body ages but the spirit never grows older

the sun shines behind the clouds, the sun shines
and time, time moves so fast the present moment is the
only one
when I look into your face I remember where I’m from

the days move like water
each flowing into the next
gone before I realize they’re done
back to work after the fun and I’ll miss you
the holidays bring us home a new moon
and a shivering sun
when I look into your face I remember where I’m from
behind the clouds
the sun shines
the sun shines

Beach Poem 26

Playing with the edge of the sea
The year turns on itself
Eyes inward
The full moon rises on a spiderweb
Sea foam A man stops me to talk
There’s always a new face
To smile into
Two: like choices

Gleaming new teeth
The body remembers something before i
Leave I see and gasp
Fuscia orb and orange large
Smushed face rises
I keep finding new
Rooms inside my flowers
Delicate like tea leaves